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We represented to Washoe County we wanted that land for open space and then we go around and sell it to private parties?” Dent said. “That’s the part that’s almost like a misrepresentation to the county.

”And what is the authority of a staff member to do that? What did he represent to the title company to sell a piece of land? How does a single staff member do that? Can he just sell the ski resort? Can he start selling beaches?”
— Reno Gazette Journal 12/20/17

What is IVGID so intent on hiding?


Unfortunately,” Dent told Nevada Journal, that’s “been the norm since I’ve been on the board. And you always want — at least, I always want — to be as transparent as possible. And if you can’t get access to certain documents — whether you’re the treasurer or not — it makes it really tough. And then how are you supposed to exercise your fiduciary responsibility, if you don’t have true oversight?
— Nevada Journal 9/21/17

Dent said he promoted FlashVote because he felt that IVGID needs a function for surveying the community, and that this allows the community to have its voice heard.
It’s unfortunate that they ended their contract from what I understand is due to administrative differences between IVGID and FlashVote,” Dent said
— Sierra Sun 1/4/17

I saw a need and an opportunity,” he responded. “Plus, I think it could be fun.
— Sierra Sun 9/28/15