Trustee Dent Wins The General!

I am very blessed with the turnout in yesterdays election!  We won the general election after placing 3rd in the primary.  Thank you Incline Village and Crystal Bay for all your support!  I am forward to serving this community over the next 4 years and doing what is morally right!


Election Results - (vote for 3)

Matthew Dent: 3,290 (25.31%)              

Philip Horan: 2,693 (20.72%)           

Peter Morris: 2,484 (19.11%)                         

Robert Olmer: 1,797 (13.83%)                  

Judy Miller: 1,570 (12.08%)                            

Paul Longshore: 1,163 (8.95%)                        

Total votes: 12,997

Election results and article from the Sierra Sun: