Six Month Reflection

I have been listening and I have been listening to you!  Recently I met with several mentors, friends, and community members for feedback.  One thing I have learned from you is that I need to be more vocal in my opposition or support of a business item as member of the Board of Trustees. 

You see, my leadership style is to observe and understand where I fit in.  And then once the timing is right I become more assertive.  As Trustee, am learning more each day and becoming more informed on areas where I had little back ground knowledge.  Understanding why someone is opposed or in favor of an issue creates an insight into why we do what we do.  I pledge to do a better job at communicating my views as a member of the Board of Trustees.

I am thankful for the constructive criticism, I will continue to grow, and become more comfortable with this position.  Thank you and please continue to voice your concerns, issues, and hold me accountable!