Let's Get Golf Carts, Without More Debt

Last night, I voted against the issuance of roughly $500k of new debt.  You see, I am in favor of new golf carts, I just campaigned against issuing unnecessary debt without community approval.  Our revenues are up again this year thanks to the stellar performance at Diamond Peak and with a little help from mother nature.  The Community Services special revenue fund is projected to be about $1.684m above budget, we have the cash and do not need to take on more debt. 

There was only one option presented for a vote.  As a result, a motion to approve the cash purchase of these carts could not be placed on the evening's agenda.  This item will have to be placed on the Board's next agenda to ensure that all Trustees have an opportunity to vote on the outright purchase of these carts.

When the snow melts, I look forward to playing golf this summer and I support the District's cash purchase of 80 new golf carts.